Prior Research Activities

Research Experience


            Long Term 1-year Open Evaluation of Amlodipine in Patients with Stable Exertional Angina


            Felodipine Dose-Range Finding Study


            A Comparative Study of Encainide, Mexilitene and Procainamide in the Treatment of Patients
                        with Ventricular Ectopic Activity


            Hemodynamic Evaluation of Ibopamine in Congestive Heart Failure


            Comparison of Auscultation to Doppler Color Flow Imaging in the Assessment of Mitral


            Comparison of Doppler Color Flow Imaging, Pulsed Wave Doppler and Ventriculography in the

                        Detection of Mitral Regurgitation


Local Principal Investigator for the following trials

Gusto Trial

            Evaluation of Thrombolytic Agents in Acute MI

                    National Trial

                        Chief Principal Investigator – Eric Topol, MD



            Registry of Acute MI Evaluation and Treatment

                    National Registry organized through Guidant



            Comparison of Stenting with or without Adjunctive DCA

                    International Trial

                        Chief Principal Investigator – Antonio Colombo, MD


            X-TRACT Trial

Comparison of X-Sizer Thrombectomy vs PTCA Prior to Stenting
    in Native Coronaries of SVG’s with Suspected Thrombus

                                National IDE Trial

                                    Chief Principal Investigator – Greg Stone, MD


            Hepcoat Registry

                        Comparison of Heparin coated stent vs non-coated stent in acute MI

                                National Registry Trial

                        Chief Principal Investigator – David Williams, MD


            JOSTENT Coronary Stent Graft/JOSTENT Graftmaster