Previous Practice Experience

    Prior to my recent affiliation with Duke University, I had worked for over 20 years in Wilmington, NC.  It was a very unique opportunity afforded to me at that time, not unlike the current opportunity at Southeastern Heart Center.  Some of the accomplishments in Wilmington included the following -
    - First Interventional Cardiologist in Wilmington
    - Performed first Coronary Angioplasty
    - Performed first Directional Coronary Atherectomy Procedure
    - First and only Cardiologist to use a special device (Lumend Frontrunner) to open chronically occluded arteries
    - Local Principal Investigator for several National and International Trials (see under "Prior Research Activities")
    - Served on numerous committees in my group including Chief of Cardiology Division for 3 years
    - Served on numerous committees at New Hanover Regional Medical Center including Division Chief for 1 year
    - Utilized the first Physician Assistant at the hospital in a Medical Specialty